Frequently Asked Questions

Do mug sets ship together or separately?

All of our white/black standard mugs with the sublimated designs are shipped in individual Styrofoam packaging. Even sets that are sent together will have each mug in its own box. Since all mugs are made to order our fulfillment partner will often ship them immediately when ready. This sometimes results in mugs that are part of a set being sent on different days. There's no reason to be alarmed. If you only receive one mug in a set please allow a few more days for the others to arrive. If for some reason they do not arrive please contact us at for assistance.

When will my ordered item(s) arrive?

Each purchased item is either created or sourced individually just for your order.

Unfortunately this means it can take some extra time getting ready. While some orders may arrive in roughly 1 week many orders can take as long as 2 - 3 weeks, especially during busy holiday periods.

You will be notified of updates to your order and your patience is greatly appreciated.

Please be sure to check your spam folder and accept emails from to make sure you don't miss any order notifications.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! However, please note that your country may charge additional customs fees not shown in the product prices or cost of shipping for your purchase. To know these fees you will need to look them up with your local national postal carrier or customs service.

How are items packaged and shipped?

Each item ships separately and is well packaged. Mugs are carefully packed in form fitting styrofoam. An order with multiple items may not all arrive on the same day.

How will my items be tracked?

When your order ships you should receive an update email from us along with a tracking number for the carrier. Initially a tracking number may not provide updates until the final carrier receives it from the intermediary carrier. However, if you highlight and right-click your tracking number you can search it in Google to automatically be taken to search results for all relevant carriers associated with that tracking number.

Google's search results should show "Track a package" along with your tracking number and a blue button that says "FIND CARRIER". You may need to click that blue button again to be sure the data went through. Then select from the carrier options below that which say "Track via [carrier name]" to see the package status with each carrier.

What carrier do you use?

The carrier used depends upon which country you are from and where your product was sourced. Some products are shipped via a long range intermediary carrier to a local carrier who provides final delivery.

USA customers should see the local carrier (typically USPS or FedEx) shown with the tracking number.

International customers will likely see the long range intermediary carrier for the tracking number and may show as delivered before the item is actually received. This simply means the local carrier has it and should deliver it to you soon.

My item says it has been delivered, but I don't have it!

Double check your address given with your order and if it is correct you can highlight and select your shipper tracking number and right-click to either copy and paste or otherwise search on google.

From there Google will automatically show results to track shipping with your carrier. From the shipping carrier's website there may be additional details. Check again that your address is correct. If there is an error provided by the shipping service you may need to contact them.

International customers may show their items as delivered because the intermediary carrier has delivered it to the local carrier who will then deliver it to you. Unfortunately the local carrier isn't always readily known for each country. Allow a few more days and your package should arrive. If not you can contact us a

I received the wrong item or one that was damaged!

If you have any problems please contact us at If you send us a picture of the items along with the packaging we will ensure that you either receive a refund or the correct quality item that you ordered. Guaranteed.

Am I Able to Cancel My Order?

You must cancel your order before processing begins within 48 hours. Otherwise the order will be processed normally.

 Are your mugs microwave & dishwasher safe?

Yes to both questions. We must state, however, that we've had one customer contact us about the design fading slightly after using and washing the mug every day for nearly 2 years! To ensure longevity of the design we recommend that you place the mug away from direct blasting by water jets and that you use regular detergent with no bleaching agent. And it wouldn't hurt to give your favorite mug a break every once in a while. :-)